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The aim of bunalti.com is not to sabotage the music, on the contrary, to spread it out; and to present people the albums that cannot be accessed by many countries.

Bunalti.com has a widespread hitrate from all the continents and countries in the world. Very few albums arrive to many of these countries. We also make the music spread. From Zimbabve to Iceland, from Madagascar to Mexico, this web-site is clicked daily by many countries. Most of the people who listen that kind of music are aware that mp3 isn’t a good way to listen music. And most people have respect for the bands they listen to and they buy original releases of them as long as possible. One day, if we consider that we do harm to music, we quit this job by ourselves. For now we are in the thought that we help the music.

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Please leave your comment to the stuffs that we share and make our rating high again. Make comments with one or two sentences to your favorite band, to a new album and create an environment of discussion. Let post-rockers and heavy metal guys collide as old days. Otherwise you can be deprived of this big and unique website which provides you lots of things about music.

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  • Albums

(1994) Where They Talk (EP)*
(1994) Scarred For Life
(1995) Battery Split *
(1995) In My Time (EР)*
(1995) Call On My Brothers
(1995) Family *
(1996) Good Riddance Split *
(1996) Past Our Means (EP)
(1997) X-Acto – Benefit (Split)
(1998) Sea Sheppard Conservation Society (EP)*
(2000) A Place Called Home
(2006) Our Darkest Days

Genre : Melodic Hardcore
Origin : USA
Quality: 320kbps
OfficalWebSite | last.fm

* All albums are (320kbps) except those marked (VBR~320)

“Enfes bir Melodik Hardcore/Hardcore-Punk grubu. Her albümü tavsiyedir. Amerika.” demis first uploader.

Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right – Rock`n`Roll Rocket (1976-1977) (2009) [FLAC/MP3]

    Loseless,Other Albums   

Artist: Starbuck
Albums: Moonlight Feels Right / Rock`n`Roll Rocket
Year Of Release: 2009 (1976-1977)
Origin: USA (Atlanta, Georgia)
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Progressive Rock
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue+.log) | Mp3
Bitrate: Lossless | CBR 320 kbps
Total Time: 01:17:37
Total Size: 535,56 Mb | 198,30 Mb (Scans)
(…read more and see the links)

Operator – Soulcrusher (2007) [FLAC/MP3]

    Loseless,Other Albums   

Band: Operator
Album: Soulcrusher
Year: 2007
Genre: Alternative Rock / Post-Grunge
Origin: USA
Format: MP3 320 kbps | FLAC (tracks+.cue)
TT: 46:34
Size: 106,35 Mb | 325,54 Mb
(…read more and see the links)

Thomas Bergersen – Sun (2014)

    New Albums (2014)   

Artist: Thomas Bergersen
Title: Sun
Year: 2014
Genre: Classical / Trailer Music
Origin: Norway
Size/Quality: 173 mb | Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

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Mile Me Deaf – Holography (2014)

    New Albums (2014)   

Artist: Mile Me Deaf
Title: Holography
Year: 2014
Genre: Noise Rock/Indie/Math Pop/Shoegaze
Origin: Austria
Size/Quality: 103 mb | Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

(…read more and see the links)

The History Of Apple Pie – Feel Something (2014)

    New Albums (2014)   

Artist: The History Of Apple Pie
Title: Feel Something
Year: 2014
Genre: Noise Pop/Shoegaze/Dream Pop
Origin: UK
Size/Quality: 90 mb | Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

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Captain Beefheart – The Lost Tapes: 1966-1970 (2013) [DVD5]


Band: Captain Beefheart
Title: The Lost Tapes
Year Of Release: 2013
Genre: Blues Rock, Avantgarde
Format: DVD Video
Video: MPEG2 Video 720×576 (4:3) 25fps 7000kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 256kbps
TT: 01:00:44
Size: 2.79 GB
(…read more and see the links)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Live At Isle of Wight Festival (2012) [HDTVRip]


Artist: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Title: Live At Isle of Wight Festival
Year: 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock
Format: .mkv
Video: H.264, 1280*720 (16:9), 5002 Kbps, 25 fps
Audio: AC3 448 Kbps, 48 KHz, 16 bits, 6 ch
TT: 58:54
Size: 2,29 Gb

(…read more and see the links)

Sadistic Hallucinations – Atrocious Retaliation (2013)

    New Albums (2013)   

Band: Sadistic Hallucinations
Title: Atrocious Retaliation
Year: 2013
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind
Origin: Eureka, California, USA
Format: mp3 128kbps
TT: 34:08
Size: 30.98 MB
(…read more and see the links)

Liklukt – Bay Of Kings (2013)

    New Albums (2013)   

Band: Liklukt
Album: Bay Of Kings
Year: 2013
Origin: Norway
Genre: Death Metal
Format: Mp3 CBR320kbps
Size: 92,07 Mb
TT: 39:09

(…read more and see the links)

Magistina Saga – Two-Facedness Of A Tale (2013) [EP]

    New Albums (2013)   

Band: Magistina Saga
Title: Two-Facedness Of A Tale
Year: 2013
Genre: Symphonic Gothic Metal/Female Voca
Origin: Japan
Format: mp3 320kbps
TT: 21:38
Size: 51,34 Mb
(…read more and see the links)

Mayfair – Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage (2013)

    New Albums (2013)   

Band: Mayfair
Title: Schlage Mein Herz, Schlage
Year: 2013
Genre: Progressive Metal
Origin: Austria
Format: mp3 320kbps
TT: 40:32
Size: 110,56
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